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One of Those Creatures

In Development - Doc.

Screenplay, Director, Producer

A body-thriller documentary, dives into the intimate story of two men and their close relationship, told through the intersecting emotions of two cousins. One of Those Creatures is a personal and thrilling exploration of Emre's journey from a shy individual to a confident body builder, and the relationship between two cousins bonded by shared tragedy.



A Probable Love Story

2020 - Fiction

Screenplay, Director, Producer

By chance, a man and a woman crossed paths, and the excitement of newfound love quickly turns into a dead-end. The reality of becoming estranged arises as they get to know each other deeply. Perhaps, in this story which ends before it ever begins, they can only dream of what awaits them.


Hodge Podge

2018 - Documentary

Screenplay, Director

TÜRLÜ - HODGE PODGE is a short documentary about the ongoing urban transformation in Karaköy district and its effects on social life as seen through the eyes of students of this neighborhood.

A short documentary as part of the "Shades of Karaköy" (dir. Sevinç Baloglu) project supported by the EU Creative Europe Programme.



2016 - Fiction

Screenplay, Director, Producer

A hairy man is watching breaking news of a terror attack in a small basement.

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