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Eşik / The Sill



According to Ferdinand de Saussure, indicators are two dimensional that are on the point of being phenomenon and image which are in an interrelationship. According to German philosopher Leibniz, perception is an unconscious function. Perception literally means that the subject takes what is outsider. 

Just as how the eye does not see the objects as they are, but the assigned meaning of them; eyes looking at the shoes, sees the owner of the shoes. As for the sills, they are the privacy opening borders which each of us go through every day. Our homes, personal spaces can be regarded as holy places within the frame of privacy and in Eastern cultures shoes are left out in order not to pollute the blessed. So, could the shoes left in front of the doors show the religious status, economic condition, personality, age and height of the owner? Then can all those indicators be the key to another indicator? In other words, is it possible to identify a person from his/her shoes?

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