Tanıdığım Suretler / Faces Internalized

Photobook. Faces that I internalized and having deep relationship with. 

It's a long-time photography project from my viewpoint starts at the age of 20's through over a decade. 

Photographies of the faces of people whom are beloved friends of mine. It depicts my memories in relation with faces which having a common share. People from I know from past and new acquaintance but having long-term relationship. It also will be a chronology memories of people and myself. 

Ongoing Project (2015- )


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2015 / Öykü ve Oğulcan - arşivden bir fotoğraf / a photography from the archive -Ed. 3+1/ 61x91 / Poster print


2017 / Yağmur - arşivden bir portre / a portrait from the archive


2018 / Tunç - arşivden bir fotoğraf / a photography from the archive

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